The Only 4 Questions Good Branding Should Answer

Branding answers four questions. Anything more is a wasted space and breath.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Who do you it for?

What do they say about you?

There they are. Those are the four questions that if answered correctly (read authentically), consistently and cohesively should make up your brand story. Easy questions. Hard answers. Authenticity is the key to getting it right.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t lie about yourself. In both instances you will be found out. The minute your audience finds out you are lying to them, they will cease to care. Oh, they might continue to listen. Lies can be exciting. That product or service that purports to do it all may not be real or even believable. That does not mean it’s not newsworthy or utterly interesting.

The good news is if you answer those four key questions authentically, and you are speaking to the right audiences (a discussion for another time) your brand absolutely cannot lose. This is because you will only be saying that which your audience needs and wants to hear. And, it will be the truth. Audiences love when you tell them the truth, even if it’s not so sexy.