Advertising Only Has Three Rules

Courageous creative starts with understanding there are only three rules:

Make ‘em look. Make ‘em remember. Make ‘em feel.

Anything outside of these three are rules that are meant to be broken. Don’t worry about being too bold. You can’t be. Don’t worry about being too salacious. That’s not really your forte anyway. And, don’t worry about giving them too little information.

Most of all, give your audience some credit. If you show a picture of an egg, don’t say this: EGG.

And, for goodness sake, don’t present both.

Make ‘em look. Use great photography. Use great typography. Use a crazy visual. Be contrarian. Be bold.

Make ‘em remember. Say something they don’t expect. Make a promise. Make them feel the pain. Be bold.

Make ‘em feel. Pull a heartstring. Take them to a place. Take them back to a time. Make it their responsibility.