Emotional Branding

We didn’t make lightning protection sexy. We could have. But that would’ve been weird, right?

Sexy is a parlor trick. The messaging, design and composition for Bonded Lightning Protection’s total rebrand and ongoing brand management is intellectually energetic. It’s honest. Peace of mind isn’t sexy.

The importance of photo selection cannot be overstated. Allowing the messaging to take a backseat creates a situational visual. People see themselves in the situation while being told exactly what is experientially the point of it all.   

When you build that barn, see your children. Protect them. When you construct that hospital, see those patients. Protect them. When you have that absolutely perfect baby, go a step further. Protect him. You get the picture. Literally.

bonded barn

Emotional branding is the mechanism we use to move people. That’s a far bigger thing than being clever. Clever is forgotten, quickly. Being moved is tucked away until the moment of necessary recall. When I need you, I remember you, because you moved me.  

It’s easy to overcomplicate this.

“Clever” is a throwaway word. When a sequence of events, words, visuals or concepts moves a person, “clever” is a poor word choice. It’s more. The moving and the act of being moved is a complex and nuanced thing.