Re: Brand

People think “rebrand” and they think “new.” The new look, a logo, the website, collateral, the fun stuff.

When commissioned to execute a rebrand we begin re: brand. We focus on identifying and illuminating your authenticity. That’s not new. It can’t be.

Family owned and led HLP Systems’ roots date back 60 years and span three generations. A high-rise specialist, Chicago’s skyline is a living portfolio of HLP Systems-protected projects. This inspires the logo.

When they told us all of Chicago’s twenty tallest buildings were HLP Systems projects, we got it. This was Lightning Protection at the Highest Level. The tagline is authentic, setting the appropriate expectation.

The website is where it all comes together. To understand how far we’ve come, it’s best to understand where we began.

To understand how far HLP Systems has come, visit their new siteFollow the evolution.

To begin re: your brand,


It starts with a conversation.