Innovation from the ground up.

Jamerson & Bauwens

Jamerson & Bauwens is one of Chicagoland’s largest electrical contractors. A specialist in healthcare, historic restoration and education, the company is also highly regarded for complex luxury lifestyle installations.

Bella Group retained the 50-year-old company’s heritage brand equity. Illuminating their authenticity elevates it. The tagline sets the expectation.

The new logo’s familiarity softens the addition of the Bauwens’ “B,” to the Jamerson “J” that anchored the “brandmark” for nearly three decades. The resulting “JB” is strong and cohesive.

In a final design touch, the JB pinstripe anchors the brand element across collateral.

The website resists the urge to speak in industry argot. Instead, it speaks to the innovation which drives Jamerson & Bauwens’ success today.